How to properly prepare the passage of baby in a bed of big?

Is your baby starting to climb the bars of his crib? This is a sign that it may be time to transfer him to a big bed.

Is he ready?

At what age should you put a baby in a bed?

Be aware that there is no set rule or specific age in transitioning from a crib to a full-size bed. When the child is well prepared, he can manage this stage at 18 months, 24 months or 36 months.

Indeed, the transition from cot to large bed requires some mental preparation for the child. This change is important for him, because he has been used to his little cocoon. For this transfer to take place in the best conditions, here are some tips.

5 tips to make change easier

As a parent, you need to know that you and your child have a strong bond. Therefore, to ensure the success of the transfer, you must be completely convinced of the necessity of this change. If you have even a little apprehension, be sure your child will feel it.

A good preparation

To go from the small bed to the big bed , you must explain to your child why he has to change beds. Use every parent's tried-and-tested simple phrase, "You're big now." The little ones all want to become big, it's undeniable and it works every time.

Be attentive and attentive

Children do not all react the same way during the transition from crib to large bed . If your child seems less enthusiastic, don't force it. You can leave his cot in the same room until he decides to give up the old one.

Involve the child in this change

The best way to make this transition easier is to involve your child in the change. Take him to see the type of bed he wishes to have, you can also offer him new decorations. Let him choose:

  • Her bed
  • His bedside lamp
  • His little office
  • His quilt, etc.

The choice of bed

Having a secure bed is essential for the child to feel safe. You can opt for a low bed or a transitional bed that adapts to the height of your child. The height of the bed is an important criterion, the child must be able to climb up and down on his own from his child's bed.

Keep your habits

To help your child in this change, maintain your rituals before bedtime: the little story, the cuddly moments, the kisses... By lying down next to your child, you can tell him that a big bed you can be by his side to read the story. Which was not possible with a crib.

When is the best time for this step?

Parents often hesitate in the transition from a crib to a large crib , thinking that their child is not going to adapt. The arrival of a little brother or a little sister can be an opportunity to take action. You can talk to your child a few months in advance to explain the upcoming event. In any change, children need moral preparation.

When the slatted bed starts to get tight for your little one, it's time to transfer him to a big bed. You must explain to him at this time that he has grown and that he needs another bed more adapted to his size. During the transfer, remember to put back in his new big child's bed his comforters and stuffed animals.

A child in potty training can easily choose to switch to a large bed. Thus, he will no longer have to climb the bars of his bed to relieve himself at night. However, it is necessary to ensure the correct height of the new bed to prevent the child from falling. This change of bed plays an important role in the autonomy of the child.

How to choose the first big bed for your child?

Bed models abound in stores, however you have several parameters to consider when choosing:

  • Your budget
  • Security
  • The child's age
  • The bedroom space
  • The number of children...

Indeed, if you have 2 children, choosing a bunk bed can be a good solution. This type of bed is also interesting for small bedrooms.

The most important thing is to choose a bed that suits the age and size of your little one. A trundle bed is the most popular for children under 6 years old. For those over 6 years old, you can opt for a mezzanine bed. The size of the bed must be at least 70x140 cm so that the child is comfortable.

For the new children's room to be up to standard, choose the right mattress. If you want your child to have a good night's sleep, opt for a firm mattress. Preferably, also choose a hypoallergenic and anti-mite mattress. Likewise for the material of the bed, it is better to opt for natural, such as wood.

Some cribs on the market are made from materials that contain chemicals. In any case, safety must be the first criterion for choosing a child's bed.

You can also opt for a mattress on the floor directly, it is the least risky. With a few adjustments, it can appeal even more to your child.

How to encourage the child to adapt to change?

The preparation for the change of bed must be done gently, involve your child as much as possible in this step. Ask him what he would like for decoration, what does he want to have in his room? Remember to put his favorite stuffed animals back in his new cocoon.

A child is easy to convince, all the arguments are good to help him pass to the big bed. For example, you can tell him that his comforters can't wait to sleep in a new bed or that you can't wait to lie down next to him.

Knowing your child, you will surely find the points of interest that will motivate him to say goodbye to his bed of bars.

When he's taken the step, don't forget to encourage and congratulate him. Compliment him too, children like to hear that their parents are proud of them.

I hope this article has answered some of your questions. Feel free to share your experiences with us in the comments.

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