Cabin bed, why should you fall for this formula?

The cabin bed is a very trendy novelty for parents who want to carefully design a children's room.

Boy's or girl's room, the decorative touch brought by a cabin bed remains unequaled so far.

Moreover, with the great diversity of models existing on the market, it is difficult not to succumb to its charm. Wondering why buy a cabin bed this year? We answer you in a few points.

A boost of space

Do you want your child's room to have more space for their games? Opt for a cabin bed. Besides, you can take advantage of Black Friday deals on cabin beds to buy one at a low price.

In fact, unlike some classic bed formulas for children, cabin beds have a definite advantage in terms of occupying space. These do not take up much space and keep the room perfectly ventilated.

As you will have understood, this bed formula remains the best suited for relatively small children's rooms.

Make bedtime more fun for children

In addition to offering maximum space to children, the cabin bed is an effective technique for teaching them the bedtime routine and autonomy.

The first decade is an important step in the life of a child: He takes his first steps in college, runs, jumps, participates in games and activities, in short socializes and especially gains in energy. After a day devoted mainly to the loss of energy, time for rest and recovery.

If you tell your treasure that you have to climb into his magic hut to go to bed, for example, it will make bedtime more fun. Gradually, he will take pleasure in climbing alone in his “magic cabin” at bedtime.

Simply to please his treasure

Is your child already taking their first steps? Do you want to please him or congratulate him for having reached this stage of his growth? Instead of showering him with new toys (which are probably overflowing by the way), give him an original, age-appropriate gift: a cabin-shaped bed, like that of his favorite cartoon heroes.

Although he is still very small, your child will certainly appreciate this atypical gift. As the weeks go by, he will even get used to using it on his own, like a grown-up.

Provide refuge for the child

The playhouse is more than just a bed for small children. Above all, it is the ideal refuge for letting yourself be carried away by your thoughts, resting in the warmth, reading your favorite comics, telling each other little secrets with friends.

Moreover, it is the ideal solution between a baby bed and a bed for adults. The cabin bed offers a sleeping experience worthy of a real bed, without disconnecting from the cute cocoon of baby beds.

How to choose the right cabin bed?

Offering a cabin bed to your child is something to be taken seriously. If you succeed in this step, the recipient will love it, but above all, the bed will be what will bring the ultimate decorative touch to their room.

Here are some criteria to consider when choosing the right cabin bed:

Take into account the dimensions of the room

We can say what we want, but if the bed is not matched with the dimensions of the room, it may give a bad look to the room.

To avoid such inconvenience, you must first know the precise dimensions of the room. If necessary, those of the precise place where the cabin bed will be placed.

If this exercise is not in your ropes, do not hesitate to contact a professional who will do it for you. You can also take advantage of his presence to seek some technical advice from him.

Take into account the age of the recipient

A playhouse for 6 year olds will certainly not fit a 10 year old. You want to please the little one or the little one, go all out! Offer him a cabin bed perfectly adapted to his age. It will make you the best parent in the world. In addition, the child will enjoy using it.

Focus on the security offered

Children move a lot during sleep, which increases the risk of falls and serious accidents. The way to avoid or limit this is to opt for a cabin bed that offers better security for the child.

In general, these bed formulas are equipped with safety bars intended to wedge or block the movements of the child when he ventures out of the bed.

The aesthetics of the bed, it counts for a lot!

Beyond all the criteria that have been presented so far, this one is to be considered with the greatest interest.

The child will be able to tolerate a magnificent bed, in the colors of his favorite superhero for example, even if this one (the bed) does not have the right dimensions, is not adapted to his age or does not guarantee his safety. . On the other hand, he will never (or with great difficulty) be able to accept climbing into a bed that he finds repulsive...

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