The Fellom method to teach your baby to be clean in 3 days

Potty training is an important milestone that all parents look forward to. And while there are many potty training methods out there, the Fellom method is one of the most popular and effective.

This learning method has been specially designed for babies. It helps babies learn self-control and toilet training in 3 days .

The method is based on a positive approach and rewards babies when they pee or poop in the potty. She also uses toys as encouragement and offers tips for parents on how to support their baby through the whole process.

The fellom method is considered very effective and can help babies potty train in just 3 days.

Let's take a closer look at what this method consists of.

Fellom Method - Day 1: Introducing your child to the potty

When it comes to potty training, every child is different and potty training is an important milestone for every child. However, for some children, this process can be a bit difficult. Some are ready when they are 18 months old, while others don't get interested until they are 3 or 4 years old.

If you are potty training your child, there are several things you can do to help them succeed.

First, it's important to watch for signs that your child is ready to use the potty . This can include showing an interest in the toilet, staying dry for longer periods of time, and expressing a desire to wear underwear.

Once you've determined that your child is ready, the next step is to start potty training them .

Start by explaining to him what the potty is for and showing him how it is used, by sitting down yourself for example.

Then put your child on the potty , preferably with bare legs, for short periods several times a day, even if he doesn't need to go. This will help him get used to the feeling of sitting on the potty.

Then, anticipate when your child will need to go potty. In some cases he will let you know, but in others you will see a change in attitude when he plays or a change in face should be enough to indicate this.

When you see the signs and his craving hits , put him on the potty right away.

Don't forget to encourage your child to use the potty when he needs to by rewarding or praising him.

Fellom method - Day 2: getting him used to doing his business at the right time

It is important that children have a good bladder reflex, so that they can go to the toilet at the right time and thus avoid accidents.

There are several ways to get your child used to defecating at the right time. Another option is to set an alarm for him to go to the bathroom every hour.

You can also make him drink more than usual , so he will want to go to the bathroom more often.

Finally, it's important to show him how to relieve himself properly, so he doesn't try to pee in his panties or on the furniture.

If you follow these tips, your child will soon have a good bladder reflex and won't have any more accidents.

Fellom method - Day 3: repeat the operation to get your child used to the potty

Potty training requires patience and repetition.

Continue to take your child to the potty as soon as he shows signs of impending need.

Remind him to pee before leaving the house. This time, do longer rides, at least an hour. Put on loose, easy-to-remove pants, or a dress for girls. Your child should feel like they don't have a diaper on them.

If possible, invest in a portable potty in case he gets the urge again. Be careful though, leaks can happen, so always take a diaper first. Also, carry an absorbent towel to put in the car seat or on the chairs where he will sit.

Does this method really work?

The Fellom method of potty training your baby in 3 days is a popular choice for many parents. The Three Day Method is simple and straightforward and is considered a success by many parents, but some say it doesn't work for all children.

If your child is still not potty trained after following the Fellom method , you can try another method or consult a professional.

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