Unclog baby's nose effectively with a baby fly

As anyone who's had a cold knows, stuffy nose can be very uncomfortable. It can make it difficult to breathe, sleep, and eat.

For babies, nasal congestion can be particularly troublesome because they cannot blow their nose themselves.

This is where the baby nose fly comes in and in this article we will tell you all about it, the different types of baby nose nose flies that exist, how to use it and what are its benefits.

1. What is a baby nose cleaner and how do I use it?

The baby nose cleaner is an essential accessory for any parent of a young child. They are an easy and effective way to clear your child's nose of phlegm, which can help them breathe better and sleep better.

Each has its own advantages and disadvantages. The best type of vacuum cleaner depends on your child's needs and your own preferences.

However, all nasal aspirators should be used with care to avoid injuring your child's delicate nose.

This tool is usually used after bathing, to remove any excess mucus in the nose, which can cause breathing difficulties.

It consists of a small portable pump connected to a flexible tube. The tube is placed at the level of the nostril and the pump is used to suck out the mucus. Baby flies are usually plastic and can be reused after being washed and sterilized.

There are two types of nasal aspirators: manual and electric .

2. The different types of baby flies, electric or manual

There are different types of nasal aspirators, and they come in many sizes and shapes to fit different types of noses.

The manual baby nose blower

Manual nasal aspirators are small devices that can be used to clean baby's nostrils. They are usually made from a soft, flexible material, such as silicone, and have a rounded end.

To use a manual nasal aspirator, simply insert it into baby's nostril and inhale gently.

There are pear-shaped baby flies that suck with your hand and others made of silicon tubes where you suck with your mouth.

baby fly with manual suction for children

Nasal aspirators work by creating negative pressure that sucks out mucus and can be used to remove phlegm, pollen or other irritants from baby's nostrils.

They are also useful in relieving nasal congestion. Manual nasal aspirators are generally safe for children and do not cause bleeding or irritation.

However, it is important to follow the manufacturer's instructions and clean the device thoroughly after each use.

The electric baby nose cleaner

Electric nasal aspirators are generally considered to be more efficient than manual nasal aspirators because they allow better control of suction force.

Electric baby fly for children

They are battery powered and usually have a soft rubber tip. They can be used to clean the nostrils, but they can also be used to aspirate secretions from the nose .

Electric baby nasal aspirators are generally easy to pick up and can be used anywhere.

Baby electric nasal aspirators are very safe and effective , making them a great choice for parents who care about their baby's health.

However, it is important to follow the manufacturer's instructions and seek the advice of a medical professional if you want more information before using an electric nasal aspirator for your baby.

3. The advantages of using an electric baby nasal aspirator compared to other accessories?

Electric nasal aspirators are becoming increasingly popular, as they have many advantages over conventional nasal aspirators.

First of all, they are much more powerful, which helps remove phlegm and small particles from the baby's nose much more effectively.

Plus, using an electric baby nose cleaner is much gentler than using a manually-suction baby nose cleaner, making it ideal for babies.

Finally, they are much easier to use , as you simply place the tip of the vacuum cleaner in your nose and press a button to start suction.

Electric nasal aspirators are therefore ideal for babies who have difficulty breathing or who often have a stuffy nose.

4. Tips for using an electric nasal aspirator safely and effectively

If you've decided to purchase an electric nasal aspirator for your baby, there are a few tips to follow to ensure you'll be using it safely and effectively.

First, make sure you always read the instructions before using it.

Next, choose an electric nasal aspirator that is specifically designed for babies or children if you plan to use it on a young child. These nasal aspirators are generally gentler and less likely to cause irritation.

Also, always use the right earmold for the child's age. Some electric nasal aspirators come with different sized tips to accommodate different sized noses.

Finally, be sure to thoroughly clean the nasal aspirator after each use , according to the manufacturer's instructions. This helps prevent the spread of germs and ensures that the device remains in good working order.

The baby nose cleaner, an essential accessory for young parents

The baby nasal aspirator is therefore an essential accessory for any parent of a young child. They are an easy and effective way to clear your child's nose of phlegm, which can help them breathe better and sleep better.

Whether manual or electric , each has its own advantages and disadvantages.

However, all nasal aspirators should be used with care to avoid injuring your child's delicate nose.

Discover our AspiClean™ electric baby nose cleaner below.

Electric Nasal Aspirator

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Blowing your baby's nose, a chore that turns into a game with this electric nasal aspirator

Does your baby constantly have a stuffy nose?

Do you think you're torturing him when you blow his nose?

If so, then our AspiClean™ baby electric nasal aspirator is the best tool to unclog your nose gently and in an instant. And thus evacuate mucus and microbes.

Why use an electric nasal aspirator?

Baby Rechargeable Electric Nasal Aspirator

A nasal aspirator is an indispensable tool for baby care.

Indeed, at some point, all babies suffer from stuffy noses , and because they are not yet able to blow their nose, mothers have to use all sorts of tools such as a vacuum cleaner to extract these secretions, made through the nasal mucosa, from their small nostrils.

We have therefore designed the AspiClean ™ , an electric and rechargeable nasal aspirator for babies to simplify the unblocking of your baby's nose .

Baby Rechargeable Electric Nasal Aspirator with Mouthpiece

Silicone vacuum cleaner suction nozzle

Food grade materials, safe and non-toxic

The electric nasal aspirator: How to use it to blow your baby's nose?

  1. You instill saline into a nostril
  2. You insert the nasal tip into the nostril
  3. You press the button once to start the AspiClean™ electric baby nasal aspirator
  4. You press the button as many times as possible to accelerate the suction power
  5. The device will automatically shut down .

The rechargeable electric baby nasal aspirator: the characteristics

  • Supplied with 2 tips : 1 for a baby from 0 to 2 years old, and 1 for a child over 2 years old
  • 5 adjustment speeds possible
  • Age: From 0 to 8 years old
  • The nasal aspirator is rechargeable : take it with you everywhere

Baby Rechargeable Electric Nasal Aspirator with Dimensions

Rechargeable battery with USB cable

No battery needed


Question: What size batteries?
Our vacuum cleaner does not need batteries, it is charged using a USB cable.

Question: Does this vacuum cleaner work strong?
Answer: The sound produced by AspiClean™ is very low and will not scare the baby.

Question: How is the vacuum cleaner cleaned?
Answer: The AspiClean™ vacuum cleaner is easy to clean. All you have to do is take it apart and rinse it with water.

NOTE: Do not put the entire vacuum in water. The main engine is not waterproof.

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